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love conquers everything :iconangy79:Angy79 1 0 The consequences of false love. :iconangy79:Angy79 0 0 Joke (Scherzo) r.i.p. david bowie :iconangy79:Angy79 0 0 Chiesa Matrice S.Nicola Vescovo. Melicucco :iconangy79:Angy79 0 0
My poem: San Rocco.
San Rocco.
In the paradise of Christian holiness
is always right honor,
lives devoted to reverence,
of every race and place of this world,
as an example Roch of Montpellier,
better known as San Rocco,
wayfarer and healer French.
He arrived in Italy which was devastated by the plague in 1300,
marked with a red cross on her dress as a pilgrim,
symbol of eternal vocation to the Virgin Mary,
together with the wide-brimmed hat and stick,
consoling infinite holiness with the tears of orphans,
paying as angel comforting care of the sick,
giving food to the hungry,
but hiding in a cave when he was struck by the plague,
found by a dog who saw his holiness,
bringing each day of bread.
Was proclaimed a saint venerated in uncertain date,
but with the celebration to August 16,
recognized by the Church in the sixteenth century.
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My poem: W CHRIST THE KING! Even today!...........
Grido di vittoria dei cristeros messicani,
oggi dei cristiani perseguitati nel mondo,
grido di una fede mai rinegata di religiosi o persone comuni,
fedeli alla religione cristiana,
fedeli alla Santa Croce.
Martiri già santi per il coraggio,
per la santa dedizione ad essere sudditi di un re buono,
un re di pace, amore e perdono,
Gesù il Figlio di Dio,
Gesù il Salvatore,
il Re dei Re.
Fedeli alla religione cristiana,
che ogni giorno nel mondo davanti alla scelta,
di abbandonare la loro fede o la morte,
scelgono la morte arrivando con gioia anche al martirio,
perdonando come Cristo Re sulla croce gli aguzzini,
sicuri del premio in paradiso.
Devoti alla religione cristiana,
in questo mondo stretto al dio dell’avere,
alla scelta imposta con la forza,
di rinunciare alla loro fede o andarsene senza nulla,
scelgono di percorrere le vie del mondo spogli,
ma con nel cuore la ricchezza più grandi,
di non aver mai tradito Dio Padre,
Cristo Re come il paradiso tutto.
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My poem against abortion : Nothing and nothing.
Nothing can justify an abortion,
nothing can push through an abortion,
there is nothing to forgive in the paradise an abortion.
Nothing prohibits the adoption of that life is not desired,
nothing refrains from asking for help,
ask for help in a specialized center,
seek help from a priest or a nun,
ask for help from a friend,
ask for help from parents,
but above all, seek help from God our Father,
ask the prayers of the Mother of Heaven,
Mother of courage par excellence.
Because nothing prevents
to believe in the value of life,
in spite of everything.
Because nothing prohibits the grant,
a chance for hope
leaving the Cold death aside.
:iconangy79:Angy79 1 0
My poem: The music of the Christian religion.
The music of the Christian religion.
Many styles of music,
ways of making music,
but no earthly music,
can match the celestial music in the hearts of the faithful to the Holy Cross.
Music for joy, peace, love,
supreme blessing in the Christian religion,
of that God the Father never master,
of a good God who asks good works,
disdaining offers of blood,
But silent music louder than thunder,
sound that grows in the dark times of distress,
remembering that even at the worst,
even when you think nothing will be fine,
the joy of faith to be faithful to the Holy Cross,
recalls to our mind never to be alone,
count on all of heaven.
For my blog:
:iconangy79:Angy79 1 0
My poem : We want to hear the Holy Word.
English text after the one in Italian.
Noi vogliamo ascoltare la Santa Parola.
Noi fedeli alla Santa Croce,
vogliamo ascoltare la Parola,
la Santa Parola di Dio Nostro Padre,
la Santa Parola ispirata dall’essere cristiani,
la Santa Parola nella Bibbia e nel Vangelo,
unici Sacri Libri in questo mondo.
Noi desideriamo ascoltare la Santa Parola,
ascoltare la giustizia di Dio Padre Nostro,
una giustizia di pace,
ascoltare le meraviglie di Dio Nostro Padre,
meraviglie di semplice ricchezza,
come la ricchezza del sole su nel cielo,
la ricchezza della risata di una nuova vita,
la ricchezza di una Madre Celeste di nome Maria.
Noi fedeli alla Santa Croce,
desideriamo ascoltare la Santa Parola,
di un amore sconfinato per questo mondo,
un Dio fatto carne, Gesù il Salvatore,
di noi ai piedi della Croce assieme alla Madre Celeste Maria.
Noi vogliamo ascoltare la Santa Parola della religione cristiana,
una religione sempre accanto a quelli che soffrono,
una religione pronta ad incontrare
:iconangy79:Angy79 1 0
Tribute to David Bowie: Ziggy Color. :iconangy79:Angy79 0 0 Tribute to David Bowie: Diamond Dogs :iconangy79:Angy79 1 0
My poetry : The innocent soul.
From my blog:
The innocent soul.
Poetry, almost a little poem 'rhyming against abortion.
In my poem,
I could almost say the poem,
still a bit 'in rhyme,
I want to tell an occurrence,
Perhaps a doctor or a doctor,
Perhaps to a gynecologist or a gynecologist,
Perhaps to a surgeon or a surgeon,
but rather for simplicity,
a person of science.
This person of science,
after a hard day's work,
Practiced During Which he had many abortions,
every night as he rested His head on the pillow,
hoping to make merry dreams lulled by sleep.
But something That Night,
disturbed the person of science.
The person of science Could hear a little voice,
felt a nagging little voice say something.
Open your eyes,
jumping out of bed for a great fright.
His bed was next to a rocking chair,
sitting on the chair was a shadow,
That Looked Like a shadow a pregnant woman.
The only thing That shone,
the only thing That Seemed to have life,
She wa
:iconangy79:Angy79 0 0
My poem: People of a modern city ,
My poem: People of a modern city ,
From my blog :
Human being of modern cities .
Sick of the sun ,
eroded by rain ,
Within as each day in the office ,
staring at the window at the city fast .
Negligence with weakness ,
as a disease harbored inside me.
He Looked at the sky ,
to talk in confidence ,
a bit ' tired of my destiny .
This city grips my heart ,
big city without a soul ,
tell you in confidence in myself ,
pretty neat to have a life ,
but I chat all night
feeling blackberries and more uncomfortable ,
feeling out of place in this vast metropolis ,
what to do ?
what to say?
what to wear on a special day ?
I have to be a gentleman or an anarchist ?
I do not understand appropriate responses ,
staying here in this metropolis ,
tired of the rain ,
dreaming of the sun ,
avenues without the close nature in the concrete ,
where houses are not skyscrapers ,
dream of moments of freedom ,
I would like walks in the lush countryside.
But I have to g
:iconangy79:Angy79 0 0
My poem: For persecuted Christians in the world.
My poem: For persecuted Christians in the world.
From my blog:
For persecuted Christians in the world.
I extend to you my humble words,
You turn to the petition,
Blessed Virgin Mary,
Holy Mother of God,
powerful Queen without sin.
I faithfully devoted to the Holy Cross,
Invoked with humility,
to protect the world
Christians persecuted as imprisoned,
rightly believing Jesus the Son of God
But above all,
Holy Mother Mary Sweet
helps the persecutors of Christians in the world,
in understanding,
Their faith whatever,
That as long as we walk in this world,
are retained on the Brink of Hell
only by a slender thread,
fact of our actions good or bad,
Able to choose being having free will,
Whether voluntarily throw our soul
in the fires of hell,
weakening the wire with your evil deeds,
choosing rather to Strengthen That slender thread
with good deeds.
:iconangy79:Angy79 0 0
My Poetry: Thank God Our Father for the new day,
My Poetry: Thank God Our Father for the new day,
From my blog:
Thank God Our Father for the new day.
Thank God Our Father for the new day.
I thank you for every good dream,
as for the strength to overcome gl 'nightmares.
I beg you to guide my steps,
pointing the way to the right.
I beg you to fill my heart with pity.
I beg help me to be a cause of joy,
holding me from being causes of pain.
I in this new day,
can give you all my thoughts
making them part of my prayers.
In the end, God Our Father, I pray thee,
REMAIN Constantly beside me,
I hope Heaven Everything
for you'll never hear loneliness
if the devil was trying to bribe my soul.
:iconangy79:Angy79 2 0
My poem: Dedicated to cristeros Mexicans.
My poem: Dedicated to cristeros Mexicans.
From my blog:
Dedicated to cristeros Mexicans.
I thank God our Father,
It has enabled all of us,
believers in the Holy Cross,
to know of the many holy martyrs,
cristeros the Mexicans.
Martyrs Climbed to the altars,
always in the prayers of many,
died in Mexico in the mid 900's
opposing a dictatorship without God,
standing up against anti-clericalism,
Their leaving murderers,
lost in the embrace of hell.
Both the sacrifice of Mexican criseteros
forever in the hearts of the devotees to the Holy Cross,
fearless martyrs from the heart of a lion,
who proudly wore Their name,
cried Because without fear,
Because they were shouting with joy
Long live Christ the King!
faithful of a victorious king of the evil one,
using only peace with pity.
:iconangy79:Angy79 0 0


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